Art classes this week

I am just thinking about my student art classes again this week and am getting excited to see what they do with the latest “art problem” I have devised. Last week, they prepared some pre-made canvases with textured material stuck on with glue and water. I am not even positive how well we will be able to paint over the surface but that is part of the problem we will have to solve together. They also had to pick two cheap colouring book images to stick to their canvas. This week, their job will be to apply an undercoat of any colour or colours they choose and then complete a work of art, incorporating both colouring book images. I have no idea what we will end up with but it always seems to be good. A new challenge this year is that I have students ranging in age from 5 years old to fourteen. So, the process is a little different for everyone. We will see where this “problem” takes us.


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