Undercoats and exploration

October 18, 2012

Today the class continued their work on their textured canvases. They had to choose one or two colours for their undercoats and cover the canvas with them in some way. I urged them to pay attention to the colouring book images they selected; they couldn’t just ignore them.

This part seemed to go smoothly for them but deciding what to do after this step was harder. While we waited for paint to dry, we talked about the idea of an undercoat. The five year old in the group dove in without inhibition, as did the fourteen year old, who has been “arting” for some time. The others were more hesitant. We will continue next week.

One thing to note: the fourteen year old was presented a challenge when she chose to do washes instead of saturated colour with the acrylic. She hadn’t fully coated her tissue with glue and so the water and paint just made it soppy. She opted to remove most of it in one area of her canvas. This is when I saw some good problem-solving. She tried several options before choosing one.

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