“We can do whatever we want!”

“What do you like best about the altered book project?” I ask the grade six students, as they sit with me one-on-one yesterday.
“We get to do whatever we want.”
“We get to wreck a book and make it our own.”
“I get to show my creativity.”

It was such a pleasure and a luxury to be able to sit with every student and give them 5-10 minutes of undivided attention, so they could discuss their altered books. I acknoweldge  this is often simply not possible in the day-to-day life of a classroom. We are teaching groups and are hard-pressed to do otherwise. I began to wonder whether it would be worthwhile to invite parents or other adults into the school for the sole purpose of listening to children make sense of their learning outloud every now and then. It might be a nice family engagement opportunity but, even more importantly, it would give students the chance to be heard without other background voices clamouring for attention. Just thinking out loud…

Here are some of the most recent versions of their work:


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