How children pull me into joy

What is it about kids? They are joy, plain and simple. I know this may sound a little rose-coloured but I am sincere. I don’t mean everything about them is joyful or that their lives are constantly filled with joy. I just mean that their beings, their energy, their freedom brings me joy.

Today was a tough day. I hurdled through many conversations and meetings. I was facilitating and thinking all day and by the time I got home from work I was more grumpy and tired than usual. Art classes seemed like a mountain I wasn’t sure I could climb.

Then the first student arrived-my new five year old student. She smiled and skipped her way into the art room. She was closely followed by another new addition, who had been thinking about and planning for classes all week. She was prepared to work on a portrait of her grandpa. The others tumbled into the room and gathered around me for my motivational video and in that moment, my challenging, exhausting, adult day fell away and I was immersed in the moment. Teaching has always been like that for me…I slip into a zone of focus and attention to the present moment. It has carried me through many difficult out-of-class situations. Today was no exception.

The beautiful thing about children is that they are so easy to please. Listen to them. Ask for their ideas. Let them make choices. Give them independence. Believe in them. Challenge them. And they give you back joy. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Speaking of joy, here is a joyful portrait created by my newest five year old student.



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