Feeling conflicted

I learned some time back that being in a leadership role would mean moments of discomfort. I don’t know if anyone revels in the idea of conflict but I guess I was resigned to the reality that being a leader would mean making decisions and moving in directions that not everyone would immediately agree with. My passion for learning and my conviction that children deserve our best has carried me through many challenging times. Today, after another visit to Twitter, I find myself hovering around the edges of another conflict. However, this one rests within me.

Twitter is filled with conviction. The enthusiasm of so many members of my PLN has carried me through many days. But every now and then I find myself asking, “How much is too much?” I agree that we have to do better and I believe we can and are moving in that direction. I am hungry to find the best ways to support learning. I adore creativity, innovation, inquiry, PBL, SBG…but there are moments when our rallying cry seems almost overwhelming.

Because I see our teachers, who are asked to do more and more by anyone and everyone. I see many of them just as curious as their leaders; trying out new ways of encouraging learning and engagement. I see them struggling to find a balance between their own wellness and their commitment to the job. And I wonder how many leaders are reminding them to take care if themselves.

I guess the conflict within me is more of a question: How do we continue to rally, promote, support and share a vision for an education system that truly supports students and their potential while protecting those who will be walking that change forward? How do we share a more balanced message of passion combined with compassion?

I would love your thoughts…


2 thoughts on “Feeling conflicted

  1. Thanks for this honest and reflective entry. I have always admired your leadership qualities. I have also known you to sit back and take a break in order to take care of yourself.

    • Thanks Pam. Your words have reminded me that every person has to be as willing to claim time to regroup just as every person has to be willing to own a deeply reflective practice. But it is, in the end, up to each individual.

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