Katie White - consultant photo (8X10)
Katie spends a geat deal of time thinking. This has proven to be a strong asset and an area requiring some attention. She is passionate about her work in education and the arts. She reads constanty, hanging new information onto scaffolds of things she has previously learned. She spends almost as much time thinking about how she might think less for at least some of the day. She relishes those moments when experiencing this very moment, right now is all that occupies her mind. She knows this will be a lifelong seesaw ride and she is mostly okay with that. Her blogs are her own thoughts and should be interpreted as such…she finds that the line between right answers and wrong answers to many of life’s questions are a matter of opinion, anyway…

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Katie, I enjoyed your most recent writings. You have it right. I appreciate you sharing your metamorphosis from teacher to facilitator of learning. We’re moving our school in that direction. It’s an exciting time for me to see our teachers (and teachers everywhere) begin to open and transform their minds about teaching and learning. Thank you for sharing!
    HS principal (Illinois)

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