My days as a learning facilitator

My work as a Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment invites more diversity in my days than I could ever have imagined. Today, I worked with a group of colleagues to plan a Ministry presentation. I then responded to an assortment of emails filled with queries about health action plans, assessing ELA and differentiating instruction. This afternoon, I locked myself in my office and churned out the rest of the ELA A30 rubrics and began working on Before, During and After Task Sheets. I ended by preparing for tomorrow, which leads me to one of my favourite parts of my job…facilitating workshops!

People sometimes ask me if I miss teaching. Never mind that I teach art classes in the evening, but I figure I have never stopped teaching; it just looks different and involves adults. In fact, I think I am becoming a better teacher every day. I have learned more in the last four years of facilitating teacher and administrator workshops than I ever did in the classroom. I have some theories about that, not the least of which is that I often only have one day at a time with the adults, so I have to try to make it worthwhile for all of us. With students, it was an ongoing, year-long relationship and it felt a lot different and sometimes, a lot more comfortable. But that is a good thing…time with children should be comfortable and the discomfort I sometimes feel with adult groups has forced me to grow and adapt and try many new approaches.

So, after four years of all kinds of workshops on almost any topic in education imaginable, I am starting to loosen up and enjoy things a little more. Tomorrow,I am working with two awesome colleagues to facilitate an Inquiry workshop. One of my co-facilitators is the Early Learning Coordinator and the other is our Digital Learning Coordinator. Both are great at what they do and, together, we push each other into new areas of growth and learning. Our workshops take a long time to prepare, no doubt, and sometime I get sick of hearing myself talk and wonder and question but mostly, I think I am simply privileged to do what I do. People are amazing and it is a gift to walk alongside people as they learn. On top of that, I learn, too. Tomorrow I will be using digital tools in new ways, which means I will get better at what I do.

Last week, my Early Learning colleague and I facilitated a workshop on Transforming Your Learning Environment. We took our group on school tours, observed classes and students and reflected on our own environments. We generated questions and explored our own answers. Plain and simple, it was fun!

We are in the process of planning our PD Catalogue for next year and I am just as excited to think about where the days will take me and my colleagues. Learning has always been and continues to be joyful and I am in the thick of it. Lucky me.


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