This Week’s Visible Learning

I have had the good fortune of getting into multiple schools in the last few weeks and here are some of the great things I have seen:

The writing process was displayed in this classroom and I watched students move their names as they learned their way through their writing task.

This student was excited to share his patterns on the light table in Kindergarten. It was so nice to see him try more and more complex patterns all on his own!

These students frequently have Mystery Readers in their classroom and this display documents these visits, which are clearly an important part of classroom experiences.

This photos shows a group of grade seven students taking part in their Social Media Cafe. Ambient lighting, soft furnishings, food and technology are all essential components of the day, as students explore the concepts of digital footprints, digital citizenship, cyber bullying and social media.

These students were engaging in word work, in flexible groupings. The process was the same for all groups but the word lists varied. On this day, they were looking for patterns in words.

This class was goal setting on their Twitter board outside their classroom. I noticed that their goals were very specific to criteria within learning outcomes, which was exciting to see.

This class was engaged in the Daily 5 organization structure and the Cafe for learning strategies. It was especially nice to see student writing on this anchor display.